You need to see beautiful inspiration photos behind Cross My Heart

I usually collect hordes of photos for inspiration while I'm writing. What can I say, I'm a visual person. Today I'm going to share a few of the photos that helped me dream about where they live, what they wore and how the Paris of their story felt to them.

I also want to thank Two Chicks Obsessed for doing a cover reveal on my new book and you can go here to see it!

Go! I'll wait. You can read an excerpt there and the synopsis.

I was so touched to hear this!

Today Elizabeth told me that French readers spied another cover using the same stock photo I did on A Strong Hand. They were worried about copyright infringement, but although I did photoshop the image a bit, it was a stock photo available online.

But Elizabeth told me my French readers are very protective of me. I am SO touched! Merci! I love you guys!

Sale on my titles May 1-7, 2016

Dreamspinner Press is celebrating their ninth anniversary by having a sale! And not only on my titles. From May 1-7, all titles of authors from the first year through the third are 40% off. I encourage you to go over to their website and check it out.

Romance is fun and satisfying. Happy endings! The real world is depressingly prompt in supplying realities and chores, but romance novels are not only an escape into a fantasy world. Calgon, take me away!

When Dreamspinner Press was first started, there were very few publishers offering stories about gay romance, as if the entire gay population didn't exist.

Just by offering these stories, Dreamspinner has changed the world, not only by printing stories with happy endings, but by opening the door to discussions about gay marriage, gay rights, such as parental rights, couple rights and the right to be just a person and citizen without the appellation of "gay". Such stories reveal the discrimination, hatred and violence that many LGBTQT face every day, that can lead to suicide, drug use, incarceration, homelessness, violence and death.

When a LGBTQ person can read a story and see themselves depicted as admirable and even heroic, their world has been changed. When any person who does not identify as LGBTQ reads these romance stories and changes their mind even a little, the world has been changed and for the better.

That's why I celebrate Dreamspinner's anniversary. Changing the world one story at a time.

$1 Sale of me! April 11—17

Three of my ebooks are on sale for 99¢ for a limited time and they are some of my faves.

Riding Out the Bull was my first bull riding story, where a former couple manage to ride their way back into each other's hearts. Doug is older and on the verge of retirement. He has set his younger lover, Jamie, free, thinking it's better for his career and life not to be tied to a retired old rider. But Jamie has other ideas.

In The Untold Want, another former couple run into each other after many years. Myles couldn't deal with being gay, so he married and focused on his career, while Davion finds success as an artist, living out and proud. Although in his 40's, Myles struggles to reach for what he wants — a future with Davion.

Summer Fever was one of my favorites. This is one story that simply flowed out of me, and was such fun to write. A chance encounter between a hunky police officer in uniform and a cocky young scientist leads to something more. And who doesn't like a man in uniform.

And then for people who like their love stories in French, the novel The Last Concubine, in the French translation. It's historical. I love that story too, it was such an adventure to write. And I loved doing the research for it.

Justice for Acid

Except there is none, unless they bring her back.

Look at this freaky beauty and tell me how you say sashay away to that?

I am living for that dress, which she made herself. The hair, the paint, the Acidtude…

This is my top three.

Photos of the NYC Queens by Preston Burford.

Acid Betty, man

Justice for Acid!

What a shock, seeing Acid Betty eliminated. Granted, her Snatch Game sucked, but she was so good, soooooo dang good.

Come back, Acid! I want to watch you forever.

In a season with incredibly strong, talented and beautiful queens, Acid Betty captured my attention right from the start. When she's onscreen, I don't look at anyone else.

Love her painting skills, the lack of boobs, the looks—my God—the looks. So detailed, so thought out. And despite her lovely shady bitch edit, she was a sweetheart under it all. Yeah, yeah, so she got untucked in Untucked once. Been there. I haven't been tactful every second of my life.

Simply fascinating to watch. She would make ugly shapes with her mouth, and then immediately follow up by making beautiful shapes with her mouth. And she has the bone structure to hang all that paint on.

She was art and fashion and fire! So smart, so talented, so interesting.

I don't even care who wins anymore, even though I knew she wasn't going to. I was counting on at least top 4 for Acid. I'll watch, but the light has gone out of this season for me, even though I like a lot of the other queens.

I don't love them, and I loved her.