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Summary: I was looking forward to a relaxing, enjoyable vacation at my parents’ old house on the lake. No responsibility, no stress, and no entanglements, other than the odd one-night bang with a gorgeous guy (who preferably dresses left).

When a cop pulled over to check on me, I was blindsided. Officer Russell Seavers was an absolute hunk – and I had to have him. Just once (or maybe twice), but no way was I in the market for anything serious. Just a quick slick grapple by the lake, a hop or two in the sack, and I’d be good.

But one look at that body that just didn’t quit, oh God, that ass, and those dark, dark eyes, and I was afraid my summer fling might turn into something else, something I didn’t expect.

I loved this story myself, but check out the really lovely reviews! So exciting for a writer!

Thank you, Elisa!

Another nice one:

And another:

And thanks to Dreamspinner, not only for giving me a chance, but for your great support.
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