catt_ford (catt_ford) wrote,

What! Again?

And so the disasters continue. My mother fell down AGAIN and damaged herself. It seems to be a bad hobby she can't shake, coupled with some stunningly bad decisions. The only wonder is she didn't break anything this time, just gave herself impromptu dermabrasion.

The sister of a good friend died very suddenly and unexpectedly. I am trying to help my friend go through her things. No easy task, as she was a hoarder. Going through piles of stuff, I get such a feeling of hopelessness—her hopelessness. It's very sad.

The good thing is I did get my mother to think about looking around before she charges across parking lots, tripping over the concrete curbs and parked cars. Yes, one time she tripped over a parked car. She didn't notice it in her hurry. Le sigh.

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