catt_ford (catt_ford) wrote,

An interview with me as a cover artist!

Recently, popular Dreamspinner Press author, Mickie Ashling, interviewed me about creating cover art. You can read the interview and see some covers here:

I included a lot of my own covers, simply because I like them, and I apologize to authors whose covers didn't get shown. I've done so many that I like but space was limited.

I really enjoyed the interview and it's part of an ongoing series of which I'm only one designer. The other interviews are very interesting and enlightening, well worth reading.

And I'd like to thank Mickie for giving us artists a little nod in public. We're very behind-the-scenes, like the editors, but it's gratifying to be recognized and to know that the authors like our work!
Tags: cover art, mickie ashling

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